Flow Taster Feedback

"Girls night out - we had so much fun. We learned about Champagne and other sparkling wines of the world.  I found one I loved, and it was from Spain. Who knew?"  Marissa D, Los Angeles

"This isn't a drive through wine tasting.  It's about going deep into one type of wine, and finding what YOU like.  I learned that I really enjoy citrus aromas and minerally Chardonnays. It's legit." Karen J,  San Francisco

"So nice not to have to stress out about picking wines for a tasting. With Flow, someone does the thinking for me - and I know I'll always get quality wines."  Kim P,  Las Vegas

"Flow Tasting events take all the snobbery out of wine tasting.  No pressure to learn - it's all about just figuring out what you like"   Mitch W, Portland

"I love the convenience of picking a theme - it breaks the big world of wine into bite size pieces" Tanya C, Washington DC

"So easy! I opened the box, set the table, put on some tunes and was ready to go!" Mike R, Florida

"Awesome alternative to a night out with friends - we had a great time."  Phil E, Lincoln