So what exactly is Flow Tasting?

It’s a party in a box. The box is filled with 6 wine bottles, bottle covers, fun learning materials, accessories and group games – all around a given theme. We’ve thought of everything you need to host a wine tasting party like a Pro. And we built it for you.

How does it work?

  1. You pick a theme and place your order.
  2. We ship you the tasting in a box.
  3. You unpack the box, explore the contents, and get clear instructions on how to set up your tasting.
  4. You pick a date, and invite your Tasters.
  5. On the day of your tasting, you follow the set up instructions.
  6. When everyone arrives, you kick off the fun with a card deck and an icebreaker game.
  7. You blind taste your way through six covered bottles, using the tools provided to help determine what you like.
  8. You finish by ranking the wines and sharing the results with a group scorecard.
  9. You leave your Flow Tasting knowing more about that kind of wine, and which styles you prefer.
  10. You can’t wait for the next one! Who’s hosting?

How much do I need to know about wine?

Know nothing?  No problem!  Flow Tasting is the perfect way to get started.  You’ll learn a lot, but at your own pace.

Know some?    Great!  Flow Tasting will help you raise your game.  You'll dig deep into one area and get a better sense of your palate.

Know it all?      How convenient!  You can host a tasting without having to do any legwork. You might not personally need the educational bits, but you can use them as tools to demonstrate your prowess to other Tasters. Plus, the wines are terrific expressions of their category.

How is Flow Tasting different than a wine club?

Flow Tasting is an experience, not just a wine shipment. Each Tasting package provides a complete exploration of a given type of wine, and includes everything you need to host a great party.

How do you select the wines?

We search for wines that are known for quality, that are a good representation of the tasting theme, and that are affordable and accessible.  We strive for a steal and a splurge in each tasting, so you can taste a range of price points. 

The price is more than the cost of six wines. Couldn’t I just buy some wine for a lot less?

Yep, you could, if all you want is wine, and you know exactly what to get. But Flow Tasting is like a wine class, a tasting, and a party all in one. Instead of paying for an expert to come and lead you, we give you all the tools to do it yourself. We’ve packaged up the expertise, selected terrific wines, and created a fun format. You get to simply unbox your party - whenever, wherever and with whomever you want! 

What if I have more people than the recommended 10 Tasters per package?  

Simply select the Large Party option.  This will serve up to 20 people.  More than that? Give us a call or send us an email.

What about wine glasses?

Each taster needs six glasses. Any glasses will do.  If your cupboards are full of glasses, we're impressed; you can provide them.  But most people are comfortable bringing their own.  IKEA sells a 6 pack of wine glasses for $4.99.

If we like the wines, can we get more?

Yes.  We'll send you a link to the wines from your event. 

Do you offer other themes?

We have many more themes in development.  Different regions, different grapes, and different skill levels.  If there's something you'd like to try, let us know: feedback@flowtasting.com

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we can't - we don't have a license to export.  U.S. only, for now.

Why can't you ship to my state?

Unfortunately, we are legally forbidden to send to some states.  Hopefully the laws will catch up to internet era soon. 

Other questions?

We've got answers! Contact us: info@flowtasting.com