Cirque du Chardonnay

  • Do you like the ever-popular rich, buttery chardonnay? You'll find it here.  Do you hate it?  You'll find the antithesis. Gather the troupe for this FlowTasting, and everyone is sure to have an opinion. You'll explore the many personalities of this versatile grape, deconstruct where the flavors come from and how they contribute to your style preferences. 

    Your group will taste 6 wines 'blind', but we'll guide you through the event with an informative card deck, and ranking game.  You'll finish with a group scorecard that reveals which wines the group liked the most.

    Your FlowTasting box will arrive with everything you need to host your event, and clear instructions on how to put it together.  All your guests need are 6 glasses each.  If you'd like to serve food along with your tasting, we provide suggestions for food pairings as well.  

    These Chardonnays will put on quite the performance. Sit back, drink up, and enjoy the show. 

    Your FlowTasting includes:

    6 Curated Chardonnay Wines
    6 Bottle Sleeves

    Flow Notes (Chardonnay crash course)
    Food Pairing Ideas
    Printed Wine List

    10 Placemats
    10 Pencils
    Glass Writer Pen

    Group Tasting Deck
    Jelly Beans
    Group Scorecard
    Coming soon! FlowTasting Mobile App: an interactive group tasting experience

      • Here's a sample tasting menu. Note that our selections can change from time to time. How do we choose? We follow three simple rules to ensure the wines in your tasting will always be honest.


        Domaine Costal Chablis "Les Truffières" 2013
        Solitude Chardonnay Carneros 2013
        Lioco Chardonnay Sonoma County 2014
        Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Les Sétilles 2014

        Domaine Drouhin Arthur Chardonnay Dundee Hills 2014

        Robert Oatley Signature Select Margaret River Chardonnay 2014