The 8 Types of Flow Tasters

June 22, 2016

The 8 Types of Flow Tasters

After years of hosting Flow Tastings, we’ve observed some entertaining behavioral patterns as people sit down to taste (and talk about) wine. Funny how wine tasting events tend to bring out the self-conscious in the best of us.  If you’ve ever been to a Flow Tasting, you’re sure to recognize at least one of these Taster Types:

  1. The JCP (Just Chardonnay, Please): I found what I like, and I’m sticking with it.
  1. The Bluffer: I talk a good game, but I’m also here to secretly educate myself.
  1. The Bullshit Detector: I know what I like, but don’t make me describe it with all that stupid wine terminology.
  1. The Student: I’m coming prepared, and I’m leaving with a plan.
  1. The Socialite: Wine, Vodka - doesn’t matter, I’m here to have good time.
  1. The Explorer: It’s like a quick trip through wine country - maybe I’ll find inspiration for my next case purchase.
  1. The Somm: I can’t talk now, too busy filling out the deductive tasting grid.
  1. The IDGAF: I’ll show up, but only because my wife wants me to. Got any beer?

The best part?  No matter which Types are present, eventually everyone gets into the Flow.  After the first few sips it all blends together into a really good time.

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